Point Walter boat ramp help

 Looking at launching fromPoint Walter for a crab session I have 6.2. Trailcraft 

how does one launch and Retreive there with out too much stress 

I know there are two ramps  and no jettys to tie upon 

can you beach your boat close by to get on and off 

any help would be great 



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You will be fine. Just a long

Fri, 2017-01-13 18:30

You will be fine. Just a long rope on the front when you launch (provided your boat comes off fairly easily when you push it) and then pull it to the sand on either side. The first ramp as you enter on your right is the one to use. Retrieving in the arvo is generally OK because its protected from the SW. Normally someone has to get wet on the retrieve holding the stern in line while another winches it up. Theres generally enough people around willing to help if it isn't going so well. We used to do our 6.7m fibreglass from there regularly without a drama. 

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 My wife and daughter jumped

Fri, 2017-01-13 20:02

 My wife and daughter jumped in and started the boat before I undid it from the trailer. They just putted around whilst I parked. Plenty of beach around there though but mind a couple of limestone rocks.

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Ramp Upgrade

Mon, 2018-11-05 21:49

Saw the jetty ready to go in over the weekend. This will make a massive differance to this facility!


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 First Jetty as Bruce

Tue, 2018-11-06 08:00

 First Jetty as Bruce mentioned.

Follow the markers straight out for the channel. Either side is very shallow especially at low tide.

If you use the 2nd ramp then head to the 1st ramp to go out or head to the jetty.

It will be slippery and slimey. Always is.

You can beach either side of both ramps.

FYI used by jet ski's and ski boats so allow for the idiot factor.

They also close the area frequeently for cycling/triathlon events so check prior.