prawning in the swan river ?

I was thinking of pulling out the old prawn drag net and giving it a try....

whats a good spot to take the family for a drag ?

ie easy to park ,and more sandy than weedy ?


heard that people are getting prawns along parts of the southern shore ?

melville, applecross, south perth ?

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The river got restocked with

Wed, 2013-01-02 22:01

The river got restocked with prawns recently, I wouldnt know the first thing bout catchin them tho


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Long time ago

Wed, 2013-01-02 22:53

Long time ago I used to have some success just north of the Como Sea Scouts building, also did alright on the eastern side of the Point Walter sand spit.


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thanks big john,  i've been

Thu, 2013-01-17 19:05

thanks big john,  i've been told that along the freeway from south perth to canning highway is good to try

its looks nice and sandy along the river shore there

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Prawns Swan and Canning Rivers

Sun, 2013-01-20 08:15

Swan and Canning Rivers – closed to prawn hand trawls,
1 August – 31 October.
Murray and Serpentine Rivers, Yunderup Canals – closed to
prawning, 1 July – 30 November

Fishing for prawns
(FRMR Part 4, Division 6, Reg.39)
You may only catch prawns by the following methods:
• Single hand dip net or single hand scoop net.
• Single prawn hand-trawl (drag) net. Nets must not be more
than four metres long with a mesh of not less than 16 mm,
and must not be attached to a boat or set.
Areas closed to prawn hand-trawls
(FRMR Part 4A, Division 3, Reg 64NA)
You may not use or leave unattended a prawn hand trawl net in:
• The Harvey Estuary and its tributaries;
• The Peel inlet and its tributaries;
• The Channel Entrance to the Peel Inlet;
• The Dawesville Cut;
• The Leschenault Estuary and its tributaries;
The Swan River within 100 metres of any part of the Pelican
Point Nature Reserve; or within 100 metres of the Milyu
Nature Reserve

Milyu nature reserve is right in the middle of the area you are talking about along the freeway.  I tried to find a map, but the best one appears outdated (Yay DEC!) Page 11/49 Map 1 shows its boundaries.

I reckon Pt Walter is a better than average chance. They are out there:D

Edit: This is also from the old rules, but I had a read through the new rules and I dont believe that alot has changed on the prawning front.