Prawning tonight anyone

Any one going for a scoop tonight down Freo way

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went last night

Tue, 2010-06-15 16:44

Hi Coley,

Bodie from on here and I went last night. Just up from the left bank in Freo way. HEAPS of boats out and although we go there at 5.30 it was still chaos at the ramp!! we were hoping for some good numbers of prawns with the rescent rains but things were pretty slow going. Only managed about 40 odd prawns for a couple of hours dabbing from the boat. We went a few weeks ago and it was alot more productive then.

Seems to me that majority of the prawns have either made their way into peoples nets or out to sea already. Not to worry though, it was like glass on the water last night. Always good to chill out after work with a midweek prawning / fishing session.