Prop info 14.25x19 for Honda 150

 Hi guys

Upon testing my project rebuild (Regent Viscount), my 150hp Honda running a 14.25 x 17 3 blade  is getting around 6300rpm at WOT. This is too high. Should max at 6000 according to specs. But only getting 3 0 knots. So I'm chasing a 19.  Does this sound about right?

Are there any used props around?






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Just be aware, props ain,t props

Tue, 2019-11-12 15:45

  to put it more simply, two props of different design with the same pitch/diameter numbers can give very different results.  If you stick to the same design, yes. Going up two inches on pitch "may" solve your problem, no guarantees. Or more diameter, if you are not at max already, may be better. Are you trialling it fully loaded with fuel and normal gear, and crew?  Best if you can borrow a few, gets expensive buying even second hand . 

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