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"Fishing the Mackerel Islands recently and was surprised when we were told you dont have to go out past 50m to catch reds. Using my all rounder combo that usually catches Salmon (4000 Catalina, Smith 68m, PE2) I was hopping the ever faithful ZMan 5inch pearl Jerkshad off the bottom when one of the guys gets a massive hit on bait and misses it, next second I'm on and after I great fight on the light stuff I was pretty bloody stoked when this hit the deck. Old mate couldnt shutup about how I'd caught his fish, yeh yeh whatever, sure enough seconds later it spews up a whole mulie hahahaha. Beautiful fish and measured up at 66cm fork so maybe 6kg."


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Great Fish and Photo, always

Thu, 2016-08-25 15:14

Great Fish and Photo, always good to hook up after somebody drops one...especially on a placcy.