Research Buoy of Scarborough

 Yesterday we received a call from the Water police. A beach inspector had reported seeing a vessel anchored out near the south cardinal marker of Scarborough. One of our vessels was dispatched to investigate and as most would question why was a vessel out in this weather.

Upon arrival they found what appears to be a research buoy. We believe it has been anchored there for testing before being despatched to another location.

We presume it will be lit a night but please take precautions if heading in this direction.



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Tue, 2018-07-03 17:19

The buoy was made by a mate of mine.  It is to be used for testing of wind conditions for a future wind farm project in the Hudson River, New York.  It requires a trial before it is dismantled and shipped.  I believe another one is being made as well, and is likely to be tested in the same way.

Pretty good test conditions at the moment, and yes it is lit at night.



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 Seen it out there last

Wed, 2018-07-04 16:01

 Seen it out there last Friday night coming back in after chasing pinkies, from memory it had a few flashing orange lights on top of it. Was wondering what it was.