Off road vehicle use lano to kalbarri


This is the report done in March this year, makes for interesting reading , with some hope of some area or areas

that could be opened.

I am hoping to put up a online sign on sheet with a couple of quick statements, next week , so interested partys can sign, and then I can send 

off to those concerned, expressing our support, and desire to see this happen, asap.

The part that most interests me is the possible talk of a legal coastal / beach trail, 30-60kms long, in the area, not for hooning , but for 

responsable off road/ quad/ trail bike use , how good would that be.

Other parts of the world, Canada, europe, etc have them , adventure trails there called, and they bring a big boost to local economys




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Damn good idea

Mon, 2015-06-29 17:30

Sounds like a very good idea, look forward to progress being made on the idea.