Rottnest campground, crays etc

Tapping into the FW knowledge base again!

Rottnest again this Jan, and Ive got a campsite booked for my teenage girls (and the missus if she comes).

Havent bothered so far to request a particular site as they say its been changed around but Im thinking now that if one isnt requested we will get the shittest one left over!
So anyone who knows the campgrounds can recommend either good ones or ones to avoid would be appreciated?

Also, wondering if anyone will have pots in the area we could add our floats to for a few pulls (19th to 26th Jan)

Last year worked out awesome, Fuzzy79 (who kindly lets us park car and trailer outside his house also!) had his at Stragglers, we just picked them up and dropped south of Thompsons and end of trip chocked them with bait for his holiday!
Prob we have is the boat, loaded with bikes etc leaves little to no room when towing down and crossing to carry a couple of pots on board.


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