Rule of thumb for weather conditions in Perth

 Gday people, just moved down to perth from darwin and looking to suss out the weather to head out for a fish. The rule of thumb for up north was under 10kn and .5 swell would be good conditions, is there a similar rule of thumb people go by for down here? Ive got a 6m joshua boat sports fisher which like most ali's tends to slap about in anything other than slight chop but it has routinely been 70k offshore up north when the conditions are right. I would be looking to head out the back of rottnest up here so any help to suss what weather is needed for a safe trip out there would be appreciated.


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Good Advice

Thu, 2019-07-04 16:15

 Check out sonofdarryl response in this post I have found this to be very true.


Cheers John


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 Just saw this and checked it

Thu, 2019-07-04 16:36

 Just saw this and checked it after I already posted a reply.

So don't even bother reading my response - the response in the above link is spot on and way better than I could articulate  

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I think most people would be

Thu, 2019-07-04 16:34

I think most people would be fairly similar with slight differences depending on the size and type of boat.


For me - I look for anything that is under about 12kn from the east. I don't mind if it is forcast to swing to the west/south west (as it normally does in summer) as coming with the wind isn't so bad and the period when the wind is swinging is generally a glass off ! Obviously if it's forecast to blow up too much then I stay home or I don't venture out wide.


I find any forcast that has north winds seems very inconsistant - i've been caught out a few times when a northerly blows up when it wasn't forecast to. I'll still tempt it with a northerly if the forecast is light, but ill head in a north direction so if it does blow up then I can turn around and come home with it. 


I also like it if the wind is sustained below 12kn for quite a few hours. If it's blowing 20kn all night then easing to 10kn, then it I like to give it an hour or 2 to calm down. 


2 mtr swell is generally the max for me, but sometimes will go out on a 2.5mtr depending on the swell period - but if the swells up we normally surf instead ! I'd never go out in 3mtr+, you could probably get out easy enough but I don't think i'd enjoy it anyway.

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 Great Info lads, cheers for

Fri, 2019-07-05 04:43

 Great Info lads, cheers for the heads up.


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One point five rule

Sat, 2019-07-20 08:48

 We used this as a max guide when we had a 6m boat

1.5m sea 1.5m swell 15knot winds wouldnt go out in any higher



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Right conditions

Mon, 2019-07-22 04:40

Offshore from Perth...

Unlike up north, there’s almost always a SW swell running, which isn’t normally a problem, just something to be aware of.  Over about 2-3m though will start making it difficult through the passages from Cockburn Sound.

Easterlies up to about 15kn would be OK inside Cockburn Sound and onto the FFB where you have some protection from Garden Is, Carnac Is, Stragglers etc, although be aware of chop from easterly on top of SW swell.  

10-15kn SW (sea breeze) is generally OK everywhere.  Above that might be fishable depending on where you launch and where you want to fish; look for areas in the lee of Rotto or other reefs/islands.  Note that if you’re coming back from Rotto to anywhere from the river or south in a typical summer sea breeze you’ll have the wind and chop on your starboard quarter and it will be bumpy and wet.

Often in summer we get a good set of conditions for offshore fishing with easterly in the morning for the run out and sea breeze in the arvo for the run home.

Best overall weather is March to May, sea breezes have died off and too early for cold fronts.  Winter has some great days in between the fronts/storms, if you have the flexibility to pick your days.

My personal recommendation for forecast is to use MetEye on the BOM site.  Most accurate forecast for local conditions, and can show you the difference between say, inside the Sound vs outside, rather than a simple forecast for a given location.  Can make the difference between getting out or not.