seaswirl striper 2100 WA

 hey guys has anyone had any experiences with the seaswirl striper 2100 WA?

looking to buy one from 1999 with a 2012 200HP merc optimax with 190hrs with 2 1/2 years warranty left on it

i heard that the stringers could potentially be wood cored?

this hull is a 1999 and i believe they started doing foam cores in 2000?

anyone have any experiences with these? handle the swell/chop well?

looking to get my first boat and the budget has definitelly increased because i want a boat i will use for a long time

the search is getting narrower! hopefully i can find a good deal soon!

i did look at the 2006 trophy 1802 WA's which i did like being a little smaller with the walk around option and smaller engines but cant seem to find any in that size in WA



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Did you see this one?

Wed, 2015-06-10 17:25

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 Chivers have a 6mtr trophy

Wed, 2015-06-10 20:11

 Chivers have a 6mtr trophy WA in there yard. 150 yammie 4 str with low hours. Needs a general tidy up. I think luke said low 30s.


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Thu, 2015-06-11 09:09

 yeh it was just sold!

low 30's you said but i reckon they would have let it go for high 20's