Shark repel units "Freedom 7"

"FREEDOM 7" Shark repel units? I purchased a shark repel unit  recently and tested it out this week end, I am very confident that the unit works, had a 2m Bronzy come in and have a look, but it did not venture closer than 7 to 8 m from us. As people have said they tend to stay outside the shock zone, and don't hang around too long afterwards.

It would be interesting if other divers have tried this unit and share their experiences's or finding's with us. noticibly the rays and fish (Dhu) were not at all affected ata all the rass seamed to like bitting the trailing antenna.

I attached two small fishing floats to the antenna to keep the  it from snagging on the reef, It was absolutely no hassel diving with this unit. It gave me a great sence of security, but I still have some concern's as to the white pointers, and how they will react?? thats the million dollar question??

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can you post a photo of the

Mon, 2009-11-09 16:17

can you post a photo of the floats  attached

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just got it

Mon, 2009-11-09 16:21

i just purchased havent used it yet but am really keen to. did you get any shocks off it?

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myself and my buddy have

Mon, 2009-11-09 19:11

myself and my buddy have both got the freedom 7.  Have used it twice now - doesn't seem a hassle when swimming with it and yeah it does give u a little more confidence when diving out wide;)

I've had a few shocks to the head off my mates one when ascending - though I've learnt to keep my distance now:)  In regards to the fish - it doesn't seem to scare off any fish, the only one that had a reaction to it was a wobbegong shark.  He laid there twitching when the antenna was over him.

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I have one, Did a shark cage dive a while ago.....

Mon, 2009-11-09 19:49

The guys on there said they tested them extensively and highly recomend them.

Also a tip i got from some commercial divers is to drill a hole in one of your fin tips and feed the antenna through the hole, helps keep you tangle free and keeps it away from you a bit and reduces the amount of shocks.


Gooooone Fishin!

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yeah i've noticed theres a

Mon, 2009-11-09 19:52

yeah i've noticed theres a small cottom loop half way down the antenna - is this what you use for fxing it to your fin?

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Shark Sheild!

Tue, 2009-11-10 10:44

I've been using the Shark Sheild Freedom 7 for a few seasons and do like it!

It's a comfort thing for sure and yes all the read ups i've done before buying it gives it a big tick. I've used it up in Exmouth in a very shark infested spot and once we were on the bottom a big shark came around for a look see but took off after getting close and never saw it/them again!

I know guys that have been catching fish up north and the usual sharks rock up & steel fish to have the Shark Shield hung over the side of the boat and no more sharks!

Last season snorkeled with a big school of pink snapper in metro waters and knowing the big biteys are always shadowing them I felt a lot more comfortable to jumpo in!

I still play it safe but wouldnt dive or snorkel without one what so ever. The cotton tab is for surfers to attach a cord from there to their leg rope. The fin hole with a cable tie is a good way to keep the long lead neat as already mentioned!

I've seen no effect on fish, a small buzz/boot to myself & buddy every so often but would take that over the other outcome anyday!

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Freedom 7

Tue, 2009-11-10 13:23

 Hey Wayne/Frank F/Flag Pole

The cotton loop is there  to attach a small float or secure the unit to your body. Avoid touching the electrode sections,  I contacted the Natal sharks board in South Africa, They designed the unit and  have informend me to customise/ fit the unit for my own purpose and confort. Just ovoid direct contact with the electrodes top and bottom. But with a 7mm wet suit on, the unit strapped to your arm, you will/should not get shocked. I found it most confortable on the calf its out the way, and with the floats attached it stays off the reef and snaggs.Polly floats can be cut to suit your desired level that you want the antenna to float in the water behind you. I drilled a small hole in the end of the antenna rubber protector to secure the float.

Saterdays dive West end of Rotto, two sharks came in, a 2m Bronzy to about 8 m out and left without any hassels, got a glims of a bigger shark but it did not come close enough to identify the species, it kept it's distance and gapped it pretty soon afterwards.

I'm pretty confident in the units effeciency!

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Whats a rough price of one

Sun, 2009-11-15 20:38

Whats a rough price of one of these units?!




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Freedom 7

Mon, 2009-11-16 10:57

I dont sell them so at a guess I think they're going for $695 (ball-park)

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If the electrodes are

Mon, 2009-11-16 11:39

If the electrodes are exposed so you can inadvertantly touch them and get a zap everynow and then, would it be possible to cover them with some sort of contact protection? E.g. if you put a burley cage over the electrode (though, probably best to cut away most of the 'spokes' leaving the bare minimum). Its not electrically conductive, but would stop you accidently brushing against it.

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shark shield

Wed, 2009-11-18 10:22

picked up a freedom 7 yesterday and will be giving it a run in a couple of weeks up at exmouth cant wait. Even if its just the placebo effect, I feel better about jumping in up there already.

Thanks for the heads up on the hole in fin, cable tie idea I was suprised how long the antenna actually is.