Sheep Lanolin

Hey guys, does anyone know where I can get some sheep lanolin? A few years ago I got some electrical work done on the boat and the guy gave me some to put on battery terminals to stop corrosion. He’s gone out of business now so can’t find get any off him.




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sheep lanolin

Fri, 2019-03-15 19:41

 gday Simo you can buy it fr

om Range products radium st welspool. they do online sales as well 

Lanolin Anhydrous | Range Products › Shop › Raw Materials


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Hi mate, where are you, I’m

Fri, 2019-03-15 08:18

Hi mate, where are you, I’m sure I’ve got some cans of lanolin at home, will check at lunch time 

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Just checked, got some cans

Fri, 2019-03-15 12:43

Just checked, got some cans of heavy duty lanolin, your welcome to have a couple of cans if you want, I’m in Forest Lakes, Thornlie 

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Useful stuff, no Kiwi jokes please

Fri, 2019-03-15 08:35

     We always had issues with removing craypot anodes when they were worn out. Way back, of course, they were just wired in. PITA, often didn't make good contact. So someone came up with the idea of welding a bolt to the steel pot bottom, fit an anode with a hole through it. Very qucickly found 5/16 " bolts weren't big enough. Went to 1/2". Not too hard to get off ifthey were still wet, but dry, just seize up. You'd shear the bolt. Some went to stainless bolts, but pots were expensive enough as it was . Obviously you couldn't use a petroleum based grease. So I tried some lanolin, really thick brown stuff. Worked a treat, you could always get the anode off and didn't bother the crays.

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Bunnings does Lanotec

Fri, 2019-03-15 09:16

 Bunnings has Lanotec products (lanolin).  I am not sure if Lanotec does something like you are after (I have only used their liquid products) but might be worth a look. 

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Fri, 2019-03-15 09:43



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 Lanox  MX4G Grease  or

Fri, 2019-03-15 12:12

 Lanox  MX4G Grease  or lanotec  lanolin grease  both are food grade lanolin.   Shouldnt be hard to find either.  

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Supercheap, Bunnings Repco

Fri, 2019-03-15 15:12

Supercheap, Bunnings Repco etc etc

 Can buy almost anywhere WD40 or CRC is d but it completely shits all over them

Lanox, lanotec etc


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Thanks for the replies guys.

Fri, 2019-03-15 17:09

Thanks for the replies guys. I’m not looking for the spray can ones. The stuff I had was like vasoline, you could smear a thick layer on. 


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 Awesome gear Simo, I also

Fri, 2019-03-15 19:17

 Awesome gear Simo, I also use lithium grease in a spray can. Similar product that lubricates and puts acoating on for ages.


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 We have the wool lube brand 

Fri, 2019-03-15 18:44

 We have the wool lube brand  and lanotec brand in tubs at our local home hardware in exmouth so shouldnt be hard to find in perth.


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Thanks for the info guys, I

Sat, 2019-03-16 14:45

Thanks for the info guys, I picked up a tub of Lanotec Lanolin from Covs in Rockingham.


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