Skippy / silver trevally

Hey guys, just chasing abit of info ,
What time of the year do skippy come around, and what's the best rig and bait,
Cheers rails

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3-4 inch atomic ripperz jerk

Wed, 2012-05-09 17:28

3-4 inch atomic ripperz jerk shad on 1/4 oz jighead!


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Thanks beau,

Wed, 2012-05-09 17:41

Thanks beau, what's the skippy season

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 typically lots of  good

Wed, 2012-05-09 18:24

 typically lots of  good sized skippy around during Winter mate. Especially on the ffb and 3 mile. Can't beat a fresh squid leg or mulie cube for bait, or any small plastics.




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Wed, 2012-05-09 20:30

 There always around if you know where to find them :)

As others have said, small soft plastics work great.  Use light gear and you'll have heaps of fun with them.


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nice pic in the paper this

Mon, 2012-05-14 10:28

nice pic in the paper this weekend mate

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 Used to do well down south

Wed, 2012-05-09 20:43

 Used to do well down south on mulies :) havn't had much luck since moved up to the big city wouldn't mind a bitta skippy action tho, wicked fun on light gear, goodluck :)