Slaying some Skippy

I'm very new to diving let alone spearfishing but recently managed my first Dhuie on the spear, nothing massive but still a good feed in close. 

I also shared the video on a social media fishing page and it really split the crowd on people a bit sensitive on spearing on tanks. I'm well aware other states ban spearing on tanks, also well aware that freediving for fish takes alot more skill and training than blobbing around with a speargun. Though i also think that taking a feed and selecting sized fish while on scuba at least in our state is sustainable. 

Though i am currently learning to free dive and that is my ultimate goal i didn't realize there was so much hate towards spearing on tanks.

Any views on this either way i'd love to hear them.

Once again thanks for watching and hopefully everyone gets out this weekend!










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 Cool vid mate!Don’t listen

Tue, 2019-01-15 19:48


Cool vid mate!

Don’t listen to anything you read on social media mate, I can guarantee that at least half the people that said that spear fishing on tanks is wrong have never even been in the water with a spear gun in their hand! 

Keep up the good work 

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If it’s legal, shoot away

Tue, 2019-01-15 19:57

If it’s legal, shoot away mate. I can’t freedive either, shoot fish on the hose.. but have let plenty of big blue groper swim by.. it works both ways  

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 I would be more worried

Tue, 2019-01-15 20:04

 I would be more worried about swimming around with a bag full of shark food than what hero's on social media say.

I suck at freedving too and fully intend to do something similar to you when I get a gun.

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Tue, 2019-01-15 21:05

 Cheers for the input fellas, yeah slowly learning to breath hold, small steps.


I know what is hard when on tanks, trying to load the gun under water with rope and crap everywhere! or maybe i just suck at it! 






I enjoy filming my adventures and you can find them here -

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Technique mate.. although in

Tue, 2019-01-15 21:28

Technique mate.. although in saying that hookah is more friendly than tanks. We’re you using a reel? I’d ditch that unless you are free diving or shooting mack’s , just extra rope you don’t need to deal with  

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Agreed on the sustainablilty aspect 100%

Wed, 2019-01-16 11:15

But you aren't getting the full experience when spearing on a tank. 

When I started spearfishing 3 years ago it wasnt easy considering I was use to getting crays on tanks. But i seriously encourage you and your mates with similar abilities to leave the tanks at home and start in water <10m.

The freedom of not having a catch bag/tanks/regs shitty scuba fins becomes addictive fast.

Spend the $$ and do a basic freediving course (most people do a scuba course so why not freediving?). I did one after 6 months or so of diving shallow and after a weekend was diving to 30m.




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totally agree mate

Wed, 2019-01-16 17:56

 Thats exactly my plan, 

Took a trip up to Adreno recently "TAKE MY MONEY"! and purchased some Cressi freediving fins, weight belt etc.

I'll get used to it for a bit and after a while i'll do a weekend course like you said. We head off around Oz in a year or so as it will be handy just to take minimum gear and still shoot a fish or 2 instead of lugging around all the gear and just have tanks here for cray season time etc.

Any tricks to honing in how much weight i should carry when freediving? Cheers.




I enjoy filming my adventures and you can find them here -

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Probably the same halfwits

Thu, 2019-01-17 08:00

Probably the same halfwits who tie upto the fads, go camping on the beach and leave behind rubbish, pull other people's pots etc etc
Unfortunately social media is full of these people.
If it's legal, happy hunting.

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Stuff everyone

Thu, 2019-01-17 08:21

Great vid.i personally don't shot fish. But I have no problem with people who do so. Burley :)