Snapper rigs

 Hey guys. Wondering if I could just get peoples input on what pound leader is preferable when snapper fishing? Also any preferred brands? I have also been wondering about circle hooks? Hiw do you think these perform compared to the old suicide hooks, and what size would you generally use?

thanks heaps! Am determined to get a few this winter, so will be plenty of early starts!!!!

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Fri, 2018-06-01 09:18

 60lb leader is as high as i go (too heavy can stop you getting bites at imes) and a snelled pair of 6/0 owner-shinto-gamakatsu octopus style hooks and either unweighted or a tiny (01) size ball sinker.

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Same as above but

Fri, 2018-06-01 10:01

120 lb clear black magic line ( leader). 7 o konan beak hooks double snell. 40 main line monoflex.

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Since LJ probably catches more than the rest of us put together

Sat, 2018-08-11 08:10

 ...or so it seems, certainly worth listening to.  I've been "bitten" off quite a bit by pinkies using light leader, even with circles. For those that haven't noticed snapper have "teeth" in their throat, as a secondary method of dealing with food before it gets to their stomach. These are actually pretty sharp, so, if they just guts it straight down, the leader can come in contact with them, and even if the strong crushing teeth don't part the line, the throat teeth can. have a good look next time you are cleaning one. It used to be a mystery to me--what is this snipping me off so easily? Blamed different fish, until the time I caught a nice pinky in a burley trail on a SP. And there, in his throat, was the double snooded gamakatsu rig, on 60lb leader, that my son had had snipped off 15minutes earlier, snipped clean just above the top hook.

When fishing shallow water up at Shark Bay, using bait, even circles won't stop it happening. You can strike instantly, rather than letting them run, and, if using light leader, you still get bitten off a lot. Or send a lot of fish back with circles right down in their throat, cut the line.

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Generally 60lb black magic

Fri, 2018-06-01 10:53

Generally 60lb black magic flouro tough trace, With a pair of snelled 7/0 Gamakatsu Octupus.

If im fishing deeper (30m+) ill run that on a patternoster, If in the shallows ill run a running sinker as light as possible.

Daiwa 8 PE3 mainline.

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 Black magic C point hooks.

Fri, 2018-06-01 12:05

 Black magic C point hooks. 60 to 80lb. Snelled with a size 2 sinker depending on current 


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Fri, 2018-06-01 13:04

 Mine are pretty well the same as Ryan’s using.


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 Little johnny. 120 lb . Is

Fri, 2018-06-01 16:41

 Little johnny. 120 lb . Is that why they wont touch your soft plastics? Lol


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Fri, 2018-06-01 16:57

 Mind you, I have got a couple of my more recent fish on smash crabs in the blue manna colour.


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No love for circle hooks? I'm

Thu, 2018-08-09 19:52

No love for circle hooks? I'm keen to understand why that is?

When anchored inshore do you normally run mainline - Swivel - leader - running sinker - (lumo bead?) Hook? What length leader?

I'm looking to make the most of the small break in the weather and go out chasing snapper inside the 3 mile for the first time on Saturday.

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 Your on the money...leader

Thu, 2018-08-09 22:50

 Your on the money...leader length not too critical..mine a meter or so.

Think structure...they do move but will hold on something or close too it..

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As Dale said...Ryan's

Thu, 2018-08-09 22:46

As Dale said...Ryan's rig.

Drift baiting rig...although they say now to go as light as possible with sinker weight which works also.

60-80lb leader...snelled 5/0 circles for me...size 5 bean sinker...on the bottom with drag pre set.

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When I fish landbased I used

Fri, 2018-08-10 08:13

When I fish landbased I used 50lb leader tied to a swivel to 50lb braid, two snelled 4/0 or 5/0 hooks.

If its rough/windy and I can't get my bait to stay out I clip a snapper sinker onto the clip on my swivel. This lets the bait float around still but keeps it anchored in one place. 

I've never had any need to use heavier than 50lb unless its super reefy or i'm targeting sharks or kingies down south. 


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 in close anchored i use 60lb

Fri, 2018-08-10 20:52

 in close anchored i use 60lb line about 3 foot to a single size 18/0 circle no sinker. with a bit of a current running the bait just floats in the burley trail. if your bait sits on the bottom you get the damn rays. have landed good size snapper and decent sharks with the single hook. using the circle hook they tend to just hook them in the corner of the mouth.i only use snelled when bottom bashing on the drift


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 I was recommended 80lb

Sat, 2018-08-11 22:05

 I was recommended 80lb leader by Ryan at Oceanside ( when it was still going! ) and given he is the snapper master I took his advice. I have had plenty of snapper and no bite offs, though often the line between the 2 snelled hooks is very chaffed by the snappers teeth and  I think a lighter leader could have snapped....