Snapper Time!!! (Fishwrecked Tinder?)

Righto you lot, who has been watching Willy Weather and Seabreeze incessantly for the past few days? (If my work checks my surfing history over the past 3 days I'm going to have some explaining to do..) Who is sitting in their backyard now watching the plants bend in the wind, wondering if its going to be enough to bring the swell up enough to bring the Snapper in close? Who has been sitting up watching a crap version of Batman while tying snooded 6/0s on 60lb paternosters?

Who has been checking their stash of frozen herring and scalies, hoping they are still fresh enough to attract some Pink attention... (Belly flap of a Salmon??)

If this is you, get in touch. Let's have a crack tomorrow night, Sunday night, and probably Monday night. The high tide is 10pm-ish, synched with the high end of the wind and swell points. (You Mulla junkies are probably thinking a bit like us...)

I fish from City Beach to basically Kwinana for Snapper, have had heaps of fun last 2yrs, but by myself...Gaffing big fish is a bitch... (Here's the Tinder bit..) Looking for a fishing mate as silly as I am... (Im married with four kids, just to get that in context...)

Would be good if any like minded souls (Obsessed clowns)want to meet up and have a crack and share ideas. We might even catch one of our hump headed nemesis if we time it right... I plan on being on a local rockwall by 5pm or so if anyone is mad enough to want to join, will fish an hour past high tide I reckon, so, a solid sesh.

Righto boys and girls, there it is, the advent of the local storms is date night! Flick me a text on 0409 298384 or PM on if you want to brave the elements tomorrow until it calms down by Tuesday, I plan on being on the rocks at the peak times until then.

Rules of engagement are governed by the principle of NFDH, (No Fucking Dick Heads), and JFDI, (Just Fucking Do It!)


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 Now there's a man with

Sat, 2015-05-16 00:05

 Now there's a man with passion! I'll be on the turps tomoz night.


Love the West!

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Hitting it !!!

Sat, 2015-05-16 00:10

 I'll be hitting it round 7.30am Sunday at my local rock wall for a couple of hours taking a mate so he can be my gaff man !! Got my pellets and clean out the freezer with few trips out bait !! And got my new pole gaff from bluewater !! Iam pumped gonna be using a 10 owner circle with some last weeks squid strips !! May the pink be with you mate !!! Cheers pirate !!

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Haha nice post, im just about

Sat, 2015-05-16 00:13

Haha nice post, im just about to pop out and get a few fresh herring for bait.

Good luck hope you get one.

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 havent decided if im making

Sat, 2015-05-16 01:16

 havent decided if im making an effort yet but i cant be arsed dealing with the north mole crowds! considering woodies point rocks cause its close to home but never fished it! I lost 4 in freo last year so i wouldnt mind a shot at redemption!

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 I'm keen to give it a go

Sat, 2015-05-16 07:19

 I'm keen to give it a go mate! Let me know where your headed and will come and meet ya!

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 north mole was chockers this

Sat, 2015-05-16 11:44

 north mole was chockers this morning didnt see much caught

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 Would love to join and if I

Sat, 2015-05-16 11:48

 Would love to join and if I didn't have exams for the next two weeks id be all over it

Good luck mate, hope you get one 


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Sat, 2015-05-16 12:43

 Always have a laugh to myself when I'm on the rocks, rain pelting in your face, 25kn NWester, 3.5 mtr gaff's not quite long enough...and I'm not the only idiot out there!

See ya out there


ps hey pirate, that's either a tiny hook or a Massive hook!!!

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Yeah Tha hook !!

Sat, 2015-05-16 17:44

 She's a little hook and a big hook !! Like my good friend always said big hook big fish !! Small hooks all fish ?? Gonna have a crack in the morn ? Don't expect a report I'm a pharkn useless !! 2 pinks in 3 seasons !!