Snyder surf rods

 Hi again and yes I am still on the hunt for Snyder rods to suit my Alveys. I had a generous chap who kindly gave me his old Alvey rod for free which was so generous and shows the amazing spirit between us fishos ..and saying that I have also been ripped off by a Perth City rod builder so that's an entirely different story (and am still getting to grips with it). 

But anyway, I'm still on the hunt for several more genuine Snyderglas original alvey/low mount rods MT7144, MT8144 or MT9144 that people are either getting rid of or want to sell on the cheap .. I need another 3 in total as I have 4 Alvey 651 reels .. any help would be much appreciated.

I live in Bunbury in the SW of W.A. PM me if you can help please

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Wed, 2020-01-22 08:39

Hi Tim
I have something you might be interested in, I sent you a PM

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Snyder rods

Wed, 2020-01-22 18:29

hi Tim one of my mates has something you might be interested in I’ll pm you mate