So Much for so Little - but Helped out by LOCAL Suppliers

Last time out in our 5.2m Frazer, we noticed a small leakage of oil from the centre shaft on the outboard tilt/trim unit on our 90HP ETEC. The raise/lower still worked OK but was quite noisy and jerky. Got home, flushed the motor and found it would not longer go up and down.

First check on the internet - looks like a leaking seal is the likely culprit and can only find an Evinrude kit of seals for this tilt/trim unit at the princely sum of over $280 from Canada. Called Sportsmarine (Bunbury) who quoted over $350 for the same kit. More research reveals the Evinrude repair kits contain a piston cap which only fits later models of the tilt/trim unit, ie not mine, which is an earlier model. So the most expensive item in the Evinrude kit would be no use in my rebuild. It is supplied 'just in case' the original cap is broken during removal.  

So, options so far are to pay $280-350 for an Evinrude repair kit (use the seals/o-rings but throw away the most costly single item ie the cap) or do something else.

In this case, something else was to go to Nowland Hydraulics (thanks Sportsmarine for the tip!) and purchase the individual seals and o-rings based on their sizes/markings etc., for less than $70. 

I reassembled the unit, filled with fresh oil, raised/lowered the motor a few times to bleed it and it now works as good and smooth as new.

This picture shows the old seals which I removed. Note the cracks visible in the lower left hand seal which caused the original oil leakage.

A BIG thanks to Nowland Hydraulics for obtaining the parts and for Sportsmarine for steering me in the right direction.

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Tue, 2018-05-22 17:36

 He’s a good fella David, used to help us a lot and any time of day back in my Iluka days.


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 Good stuff,  thanks for

Wed, 2018-05-23 02:37

 Good stuff,  thanks for sharing. 


Pays to think outside the box at times. 

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 Glad you got it sorted

Wed, 2018-05-23 07:18

 Glad you got it sorted  sounds like alot better experience than i had with our old e tec hope you have no more dramas with it and   i hope i never see another one of em again ! 


 Happy dayz