Solo Exmouth gulf trip - questions


ive decided just yesterday to scoot down to Exmouth gulf for some camping by myself next week, thinking of dragging the 13ft tinny along.  A couple of questions though

can I camp on the beach at bay of rest area?

beach launching I’ve read on here is ok there, I take it that’s still ok?

whats this area like for spearing in close or is it better further back towards town? 

I may camp in town if needed but would prefer to camp out on the beach



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Yes just stay away from the

Sat, 2019-04-06 06:51

Yes just stay away from the mangroves, miggies mozzies.If subsea  have started 

doing the bulldozing you may not have access to beach launch.even with no approval they get cocky and start working and get approval later.

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We are heading up there at

Sun, 2019-04-07 12:24

We are heading up there at the end of the week for the holidays, and launch my 5m centre console in the bay of rest. The spearing is great if the water is clear enough. If there is no wind the sand fly’s are thick, and I haven’t checked yet, but it would be great if there are prawns around...

There are plenty of places around there to camp on the beach, but it is so much easier in town!

I wont be happy if there is no access due to Subsea!