Solution for Derby Barramundi Resource Sharing and politics


Another buy back fantastic but lets dig a little closer. Full disclosure i use to work for this guy (only for a few swings) he has been compensated for part of his license. He went out of his way to stir up trouble by unloading our catch at the local jetty in Derby. Mary island fishing club and Broome fishing club made sure they were heard and good on Recfish annd wafic for working together. 

My problem is that they won't disclose the amount he was compensated. I contacted both WAFIC and Recfish and neither could give me a answer. Matt From recfish said the amount shouldn't matter and its a great win. Ok mate even on the fisheries website it says what the money gets used for "Funds raised through recreational fishing licences help us to manage the State’s fish resources effectively. Recreational fishing licences are also used to inform us of who is fishing for what and from where. All the money generated from recreational fishing licences is reinvested in initiatives that directly benefit recreational fishing in Western Australia

what they actually bought of him was a tiny area and i feel as though the amount should be disclosed is it unreasonable as it comes from recreational licenses?



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 I hope he got a fair share.

Wed, 2018-10-31 04:36

 I hope he got a fair share. Personally i feel the coin we all put in could be used where there is major over fishing or investing in putting out a couple of shark licenses throuought the state. Less sharks means less fish hooked being chomped therefore less fish taken from the water to fill the quota. 


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Get off your arse and do

Sun, 2018-11-04 06:35

Get off your arse and do something about it then, Recfishwest will go into bat for you if you push the issue.

As for the Derby situation it is a great decision but I would have paid him fuck all as all he was doing was stringing nets across creek mouths and fucking the stock to create a bigger payout as he knew his days were numbers.
The mouth of the Fitzroy was a good target of his and that has been hard going this year for those that make the effort to get there. The netter in roebuck bay used to do the same at a couple of creeks across the bay. Roebuck Bay is now turning into a worthwhile place to fish now and will only get better in the next couple of year.

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Pretty Small Area

Wed, 2018-10-31 13:54

 When they closed Roebuck Bay in Broome to netting they actually bought out 2 licences. This does seem like a tiny area, but then I suppose it gets down to the compensation paid to the fisherman. I get up to Derby a bit. Good to see this area closed, but plenty of areas to the north. I would prefer to see the licence completely bought out. How does it make sense to let fish bigger than 80cm go just to see them wind up in a pros's net. And besides Cone Bay Barra farm is just to the north. Plenty of barra for the local and other markets there.

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Very happy to see my licence

Thu, 2018-11-01 08:51

Very happy to see my licence money used for this sort of thing, only hope there is more of it in the future, as to what it cost? Who cares! A win for Derby anglers and the community.

Good on WAFIC and Recfishwest for working together to manage a fishery better.

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public knowledge

Sun, 2018-11-04 09:06

 If you want an answer I would suggest putting it in writing.  


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Mon, 2018-11-12 01:50

 i have called recfish and spoken to them and he said that he couldn't tell me and was pretty rude about it. Yes it is a good thing but the point im trying to make is that the information should be freely available after 5 phone calls of trying to find out from different organizations it seams easier to give up which is probably what they would like. I think every cent that gets spent with rec license money should be accounted for!


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I made that comment not about

Mon, 2018-11-12 06:54

I made that comment not about the netter buy back but in general as I have seen first hand what can be achieved with pressure on the right people. If people aren't happy about there situation start talking to Recfishwest about it.

Legally binding contracts between the license holder being bought out and the government will be kept out of the publics eyes.
My mates I fish with caught the Broome license holder over at a well known creek with his net strung across it and he shit himself and drove away pulling his net as he went. Caught red handed and video'd as they came out of the creek after an overnight session. Handed the video to fisheries and nothing done about it. Could have saved the taxpayer a shitload.
It's amazing the amount of small floats that disappeared from around the bay after his buyout. The ones that only appeared on low tide that he used as markers, including the one out the front of Dampier creek. How good is that fishing now he is gone?