Steep Point 23rd_28th April 2018


 We are heading to Steep Point ( Blackies West ) on the week of the 23rd April via Boat from Denham this year

 This is our 8th Year in a row, such a world class fishing destination, unfortunately one of our boating parties had to pull the pin so we are solo, which is all cool

 Just reaching out if anyone on the forum is also going to be around Shelter Bay in a boat that week at this time, say G'day

 We are in a Boston Whaler 255 Conquest, Call Sign/Rego| DT406 Elite | New boat this year from the Gemini Rib in years gone past

 Some random Pics to get the forth on 

 It is amazing the variety we have had in the years too, but also the increase in sharks out wide. but more so the relatively new resident bullshark in close in Shelter Bay and the southern side of Dirk H, makes for getting Crays  and swimming to the boat a fair bit quicker....



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 Ill be there From the 19th

Mon, 2018-04-09 12:28

 Ill be there From the 19th to the 29th staying in shelter bay...

If your keen for a decky hit me up!!


Cheers Josh

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I just got back from there. It was my first time there we

Mon, 2018-04-09 13:23

 did the same as you took three boats fron Denham to Shelter bay camping staying at the "Lombardo's"site for 10 days.  We found the spanish mackeral from surf point north along Dirk Hartog in the 15 - 25m line on deep diving lures early in the morning but alot of pesky shark mackeral as by-catch. One of the crew got a 35kg spaniard was a horse biggest ive ever seen got it on a whole herring floating off the back while drifting in that area. Only got one spaniard trolling out from the balloon fisho's and never got a mack south from there. Out in the 50 -70m line west of that area we got good yellow fin tuna in the 12 - 15kg range and lost a few bigger fish. Got our fist Marlin (striped) trolling 10 inch pushers in the 100m line it measured 205cm no monster but good to finally catch one. As you mentioned above the sharks are really bad while demersal fishing. They turn up soon after you set up a drift and hang about 10m under the boat could see them perfectly on the sounder we lost a lot of fish and gear to them. Was a great trip all up, wind came in a few days so couldnt fish and yes pretty sure I met the big bullshark you mentioned on the first day we arrived, we were setting the anchor in front of the camp in only 2-3m of water and he turned up, cruised around the boat for a few minutes and left - big bad boy around 3+ metres long with a massive head on him gets the heart pumping a bit quicker while your having your evening bath in the water there   good luck for your trip hope the wind,,swells and sharks are kind to you  cheers dave

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 Ha cheers Dave, sounds like

Mon, 2018-04-09 17:17

 Ha cheers Dave, sounds like you had a great trip mate and some fish in the hold to chef up, classic you ventured out to the 100m line with the pushers, some never give it a go but its all worth it i reckon ( weather permitting )  Thats unreal that Bull Shark turned up so quickly, last year we had it just in 1m of water after jsut having a swim in the arvo was solid bully., my mate made the olympic 5m swim trials that arvo too ha.

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Steep Point

Mon, 2018-04-09 21:05

 Hi guys

we will be at the Tip camp for the same dates with two boats

Look forwatd to meeting you guys up there

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 Ill come over and introduce

Tue, 2018-04-10 09:20

 Ill come over and introduce myself.

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 Now that gets the northern

Mon, 2018-04-09 21:09

 Now that gets the northern juices flowing.


Love the West!

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Just got back

Tue, 2018-04-10 17:19

Was at Easter Camp from Sunday 1st April and left on Sunday 8th April. Was pretty breezy every day, but still managed to get out. Fished mostly in 75-80 metres and with 4 on my boat we had no trouble bagging out. Quite a few more Red Emperor this year than last, but as mentioned the Sharks were very bad. Got quite a few Pearl Perch and Spangled Emperor as well. Others in our party did some trolling and picked up a few Spaniards. Got some horse Squid around by Sunday Island too on one day.

We also saw the big Bull Shark too...that is a beast.

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 We get there on the 29th of

Thu, 2018-04-12 16:58

 We get there on the 29th of april and will be down at Wellard i think it is.


Mainly tinnies in our party but will still have a fair crack.