Swan River Mulloway

Thinking of heading out in the next week to try for a few Mulloway & was just wondering if anyone has been getting into any lately & what section of the river have they had success? Not specific locations, (I know better than that) just general eg: fremantle, perth waters, canning etc. I asked the staff at my local Bluewater but they said it was quite & probably a bit early making me think the river mouth is the best bet.

Also if anyone can tell me quickly the best place to park at Canning Bridge so I don't get fined would be great. I went there the other day for a fish but there was no parking signs all over the place so I ended up a bit further along. Sorry for the seemingly dumb question but I'm new to Perth & only just starting to get to know my way around.

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Park accross the road

Fri, 2011-10-07 18:49

The second car park on the left after u turn right off canning hwy u gotta pay but its cheapish then just walk back accross the bridge to get under


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 no mulloway yet, hope they

Fri, 2011-10-07 20:40

 no mulloway yet, hope they come this year though. 


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Thanks Scottland & Leemo.

Sat, 2011-10-08 06:57

Thanks Scottland & Leemo. I'll give the bridge a try for Bream after the race tommorow I think. I ended up down at JoJo's last night for a couple of hours tossing Twisty's around with the young bloke & did fairly well. We picked up about a dozen choppers between us over two & a bit hours. They were all in the 20-25cm range though so they all went back. Still, it was a bit of fun on the light spin gear.

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 Was at the red herring

Mon, 2011-10-31 20:10

 Was at the red herring having a fish a week or so ago. Multiple mulloway smashing the bait fish just off the rock wall. Only 5m out.   Just look for the massive bow wave.  


I didn't have any heavy gear with me unfortunately. Only my real light gear. So yes, the mulloway are around.