Swan River PFD for kayak needed?

 Hey guys,

Reletively new to WA and picked up a sit top kayak yesterday. I'm just trying to find out whether the law requires a PFD for a kayak in the Swan river? I'd just be paddling around the causeway area.

Really appreciate any help!



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 I'd be getting one anyway

Sun, 2013-12-01 11:36

 I'd be getting one anyway with the amount of knobs that speed through that area in their boats. Peace of mind!


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 yeah mate the more I think

Sun, 2013-12-01 11:39

 yeah mate the more I think about it, the more I'd need one!

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 I am pretty certain that you

Sun, 2013-12-01 18:19

 I am pretty certain that you don't need one but if your fond of not drowning, then I would suggest taking out a $100 and buying yourself one...