Swan River Whiting

 Hi guys I am yet to catch my first swan river whiting and with the swan fish coming up and seeing whiting as one of the junior prizes I would like to know how to catch them even though I probably wont take out the win. So just wondering is bait better than lures for the big ones or vice versa and what is the best bait and what is the best lures, what is the best tides, best time of day, best time of year and most importantly where are the best spots or spots that at least hold whiting because I am completely clueless. Cheers.

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 I spent my youth fishing the

Thu, 2019-02-07 19:10

 I spent my youth fishing the swan. To target whiting is all about beating the blowies.  They are there. My advice would be walk the sandy spots during the day and see if there are any about. Then hit them after dark when the blowies ease up a bit. The best bait is fresh river blood worms. We used to dig for them around the canning bridge. Not sure on the regulations now best you check . Trust me when I say if there is a whiting around they will smash the worms as will the bream. If you get frozen bait good river pre and will do. Good luck post a photo if you get some.

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 yep cheers will do, do you

Thu, 2019-02-07 19:33

 yep cheers will do, do you have any other bloodworm spots as it is illegal there to dig and also where did you used to target whitting. cheers

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 i know the rules about

Thu, 2019-02-07 20:06

 i know the rules about digging for worms had changed, i read somewhere a while back you could dig around the bridge but could not sort the mud on the banks. 

if you can get them def the best bait . 

growing up in manning the canning bridge was my second home . used to get anything from whiting to mullas out from the area


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 Was the same when we where

Thu, 2019-02-07 22:01

 Was the same when we where digging. Always sorted the mud in the water. As I said sandy spots not muddy ones. North bank across from Bicton baths, some of the yacht club's are good around the left bank too. Don't spend to long in one area if they are there you'll know. Goodluck