Swanbourne Drain

I've fished this area a few times recently, without much luck.  Mainly I feel, on account of the weed situation.

Is the weed a seasonal phenomenon round this area?  Or does it just flare-up occassionally?  Would be interested if anyone could share their thoughts on the drivers behind weed accumulation on our beaches... really frustrating when you've made the long trek out to Swanbourne drain!

Any other tips on fishing the drain would also be gratefully received! 

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 In winter pretty much all of

Wed, 2016-04-27 22:56

 In winter pretty much all of Perth is weeded up.. one down side of having close inshore reefs when there is rough weather and big swell.

Although the weed can be tough, if your persist with heavy sinkers and keep a tight line there are usually some nice fish to be had amongst all the weed.


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 Weed should clear usually

Sun, 2016-05-01 12:04

 Weed should clear usually 3-4 days after a big swell. As long as theres good easterlies in the mornings it disperses pretty fast.