Tailor about!

Just talking to some mates that have been doing alright on tailor early mornings up the northan beaches. From pinneroo point up to brighton beach. Looks like some choppers are coming in early this year. Baitcasting mulies into likley spots have done the damage for them in the 40cm range. About time they have turned up. Heads up for the landbased guys around. Even some reports of mullas from the beaches as well! Up to the 8kg mark......only rumours at this stage but worth a crack. Cheers Chris.

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Wed, 2007-09-19 12:10

There have been a couple of referances to Brighton Beach in the North. If its not the one next to Scarborough Spess, where exactly is it?

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Just north of Quinns Rock

Wed, 2007-09-19 12:17

Just north of Quinns Rock Jody  CHEERS SHAG


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Up past burns beach area.

Wed, 2007-09-19 12:31

Up past burns beach area. Around the quinns rocks area.....if that makes sence.lol.

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ahah nice!!!

Wed, 2007-09-19 13:08

anyone keen on going up to quins soon?


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i live in quinns :P sif im

Wed, 2007-09-19 13:13

i live in quinns :P sif im going to quinns

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good talior in the mandurah

Wed, 2007-09-19 18:26

good talior in the mandurah area at the moment as well got onto about a dozen a couple of weekends ago and all good size too. hope it continues.