Targeting Species

I'm keen to catch as many kinds of fish there are. If I'm trying to catch different species, do I really need to just target one that day?

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 Targetting just improves the

Sun, 2011-06-19 13:54

 Targetting just improves the fish you're wanting to catch, so there are no rules. E.g. if you want to catch dhuies, it makes sense to size your bait to suit and fish the right kind of structure, but theres nothing to stop you targetting 20 different fish a day or just fishing 'general'.

TBH, i'm kinda a bit confused as to why you would think you cant try to chase more than one kind of fish in a day? Who would police it, lol. Though, you may have trouble targetting say sailfish, brown trout and dhufish in the same day ;)