Tea Tree camping/fishing

 Hi guys I am looking at Tea Tree west at Tamala for a trip away and looking for any info about the area in regards to fishing at boat launching....we have a 4.2m tinnie 

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Tea tree

Wed, 2019-02-20 05:42

 The camping is a little exposed to the wind but nice and firm to drive on the beach there's a little bit of a ramp on the west end of tea tree beach that you can easily launch from the rest is very tide dependant some time need to reverse out a hundred meters so

fishing is ok for normal species check out the channels to the west for snapper and blue bone in the rockie sshallows enjoy

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 Hit up the search function.

Wed, 2019-02-20 19:35

 Hit up the search function. We stated in 2016 and I threw in a couple of pages with photos.

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Camping is actually some of the most sheltered on the lower bay

Wed, 2019-02-20 20:19

 Most of the bay is just completely exposed, at least at  Tea Tree West the land falls away a bit as you drive into it. Very  good from the south west with that hill. If you want real shelter from the Southeast, go right up the other end at Tea Tree east, good ridge and scrub there for shelter. But there is even less water there than at West when the tide is down and the wind is south-east. Wind direction has quite a large effect on water levels down the bottom of the bay.

No problems launching a tinny there, a lot of blokes just leave them in the water to save the launching hassles at low tide. There is an old engine block out there, amongst other things. We camp there a bit , do a thread  search and you'll find plenty of info.