Trailer drawbar extension

 Anyone on here got one made up or bought from somewhere? Looking for a foldable add on type for my 4.55 stessco to beach launch 


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Hey Hookt

Mon, 2017-10-16 15:21

 I once made up a extendable drawbar for my quinttex 435 coastrunner with dunbier trailer. Usually they have a 100 x 100mm square tube drawbar as standard. I then got a piece of 90 x 90 square tube (about 5mm thick) and ran that up the inside of the factory drawbar. You need to remove and relocate your trailer plug wiring, which I installed within a 20mm electrical conduit with plastic u shaped saddles to the outside / side of the factory drawbar with sikaflex to hold them in place. You can’t secure the conduit saddles with screws or rivets because the new extended drawbar is sliding within the internal cavity. 


The end end result from all of these works was a drawbar which extended about an extra 2 metres, and allowed enough length to beach launch.

from my experience in doing all of these works though, the easiest and quickest option is a drop down spare wheel assembly, and just unhook the whole trailer and push the whole lot in the drink for launching and retrieval. Use a descent tow rope over the hitch of the trailer when pulling from the water and you are all good. 


Shoot me a pm if you want any further info on the above, as it’s something I have had a fair amount of exposure to in trying to make it work as easily as possible.






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Agree with scano

Mon, 2017-10-16 16:21

 I have fitted both fold out draw bars and drop down spare wheels to trailers , the feed back i recieved was , 99% of the time the drop down spare was used over the extendable draw bar. 

The drop down spare also has the advantage of already being fitted with a working hub, incase one on the trailer fails its always there. 

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drop down spare

Mon, 2017-10-16 19:11

 is the way to go mate


found the with the extension my cruiser is still at risk of getting bogged and gets pretty sandy and wet. 

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Both have their merits and

Wed, 2017-10-18 13:41

Both have their merits and ideally one of each would be the go....


Sometimes you only need that extra couple of metres without the fuck around of having to snatch the trailer out.....


Hookt the other good way to go which a lot of us use down south here on our jetskis when launching to go towing in a big swell is a slide out draw bar...


Same principal as the fold out except you dont have to take it off the ball....


Basically need RHS inside RHS with a pin, might mean modifying your current trailer set up but it saves having to unhook the trailer and re-hook it....


You basically just pop the pin, drive forward or push the trailer back and then drop the pin back in again....


Some good points above but for me it would be the slide out option PLUS the drop down spare......  

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 If you do go with the

Wed, 2017-10-18 13:49

 If you do go with the extendable set up like i mentioned dont get too greedy and try and gain to much prior to extending it if you understand what i mean....


I recently went away with an uncle who had a trailer built and thought it was a great idea to have an extra long drawbar off the trailer for easier reversing and less car in the drink but basically all it did was make it a fucking pain in the ass on tight tracks when the trailer kept cutting corners riding up on the banks and side swiping trees...


Shortish drawbar with extra long extension for reversing is the way to go.....