Transducer - fairing mount - 2 thumbs up

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This wont be new info for those who have one already. But, for anyone who is having troubles getting good performance from their sounder when travelling at speed, get a fairing mount.

JohnF and others over the years have advocated them, and have even said that its worth modifying your trailer set up to facilitate the fairing. This was always my intention but loved my multi rollers so much. Well, mid last year I swapped out the multi rollers for bunks. Sure, the boat doesnt roll off quite as easily, but BLOODY HELL, the improvement in transducer performace has gone through the roof at speeds in rough water up to about 28 knots.

I was running a through hull B60 and moved to a B45 (similar to B744). Whereas the B60 would start getting a bit iffy around 20 knots in the rough water, the B45 just keeps going up to about 28 knots in the rough. Havent had a chance to check above that. 



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 Especially for deep vee/high

Mon, 2021-01-18 12:05

 Especially for deep vee/high performance hulls they are amazing. We have the B744VL and the B275LH-W, both are reading perfect well into 30+ knots.






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 Yep, no comparison for

Mon, 2021-01-18 17:15

 Yep, no comparison for reading at speed. Bet you find a shitload more ground now!


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