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Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has had some productive locations off Dampier in the last few weeks that we can give trolling a go. We are hoping to hit the water tomorrow. We have small kids a board which have limited patience for boring trolling but we would like to get onto some fun fish. So if anyone can point us out any spots that are currently working would be great. Kids just need to see some good quality fish to know what we are after...   :) Small boat so not too far past last islands. TIA

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Try the pipeline Along past

Wed, 2013-03-27 10:54

Try the pipeline Along past Angel Island and the Outer Patch near the ships of Rosemary, just look for the the birds working. I found trolling not two far behind the wash with a mirrored teaser works best. 


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 yep plebty of bird working

Wed, 2013-03-27 20:28

 yep plebty of bird working the drop off between the rocks near Rosemary and the ships. It's gonna be windy tomorrow so if you head up Flying Foam passage chuck out some 4-5m divers and hit up the 6m contour line and see if the trout are hungry. gonna be a howler of a easterly so i reckon that's your best bet for some good fun, even the southern end of Angel if the wind allows is sweet for small mackies and reefies.


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