Try this for an idea.

That another "Forum Topic (Topics) be created. Different categories where you guys can put up a picture of an item of fishing gear (your favourite), and all can write comments good or bad about it. For instance squid jigs - make-colour size etc does this one work, when where etc. Lures good bad what fish how used etc. And so on. It would help to be able to read up on gear before going to buy. A bit like the "Fish Id Guide" but about gear.

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I reckon it would be use

Thu, 2011-06-09 16:50

I reckon it would be use full.

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 Sort of like a tackle review

Thu, 2011-06-09 17:03

 Sort of like a tackle review area? That sounds like a great idea.

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Title for the thread "Tackle Review"

Thu, 2011-06-09 17:06

Sounds good.

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Or, Tried & Tested. Top idea.

Thu, 2011-06-09 17:13

Or, Tried & Tested.


Top idea.


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Can see this being very

Thu, 2011-06-09 17:14

Can see this being very popular, awesome idea


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Defiantly a great

Thu, 2011-06-09 19:36

Defiantly a great idea......sorts out the better gear

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 there is already this Forum

Thu, 2011-06-09 22:38

 there is already this Forum on the Forum Home page??

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