Two Rocks Yesterday

Well, this is my first post on this forum, thought I'd share my efforts yesterday! In my line of work the misses are just as important as the hits; this one counts as a miss!


Anyway, I took the girls to get out of the house and headed up to Two Rocks. Went up by Marmion, but must admit, I'm still a fan of Wanneroo Road. Had a bit of a nosey down Pipdinny road. Lot's of bikes around. Even though I had a cruiser, I didn't really have a plan. Has anyone been directly to the beach from this road? What's the track like?


So we headed up to "The Spot", went north up the beach a little way. Saw a bit of weed in the water, so thought I was avoiding that. Not likely. I rigged up gangs with star sinker, only to pull a lump of kelp in. After numerous rigs, I ended up with a floating mulie and bit of cork rig to try and float above the weed. No luck there either.


So I packed up the girls and headed up to the south side of the marina at Two Rocks, north side of the big rock. Looked weed-free, but once again lot's of piles of kelp! Another bloke fishing south side of the rock, was doing a similar thing, I think he and I left a little disappointed!


The funny thing about it all, was you thought you were picking out gaps, but it just didn't matter!


I've been following the salmon discussion on the forum, and have to agree, the water was nice and warm for me, too warm for those fish!


I don't get out fishing much, so don't expect too many reports from me!


Fish well,




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Hi Joe

Mon, 2011-05-16 14:27

At least you gave it a go mate, weed can be a problem this time of year.

Cheers Grant..

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Mon, 2011-05-16 14:40

Any report is better than none. And I am as guilty as anyone on here for lack or reports and photos.

Just to bloody busy.



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the track off pippidinny road

Mon, 2011-05-16 20:48

the track off pippidinny road is hard. It then leads into a rocky area at the bottom of a dune. The dune is generally chopped up by idiots not deflating their tyres, otherwise, not too difficult.