Wetbox in Cruise Craft

 Because I couldnt attach a photo to an earlier topic, here is my install of an M260 in a CC 685.

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I spoke with CC about this install and this is what they recommended doing. This is a 2007 hull.

In the photo you can also see a P66 that has been stuck straight to the floor. This was done by the previous owner and seemed to work OK, so i havent removed it (just sits there as a backup).

I reckon wetface would be better if you can be assed, this install was because i had access to a cheap wetbox and transducer. Rarely get aeration so very rarely loose signal.

Had it to 100m without issues. Still need to play with it in deeper water.





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 Did you cut through the

Wed, 2018-01-10 08:01

 Did you cut through the liner in the stepped area there or is the wet box glued to the surface? On my 685 explorer that area there is hollow underneath. 

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 Yes, my 575 is also hollow

Wed, 2018-01-10 09:14

 Yes, my 575 is also hollow there in some parts. CC say it should be full of 2 part epoxy but it definately wasn't on mine only the outer part. I've just installed a pocket mount 265 on my 575 hull and although it holds bottom no problem the picture is broken when the hull planes. Much smaller and lighter hull than the 685 though.

I'd love to see some sounder screenshots of yours at speed bsir. Any chance you could post some up with speed readings?


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I dont have any shots at speed

Wed, 2018-01-10 09:34

I dont have any shots at speed...but with luck will get out on the weekend and if I remember will grab a few shots.

When I cut through the stepped area (horizontal section), it was basically hollow underneath. I fixed the wetbox to the floor under that (no other cutting other than the horizontal section). I dont think I took any pics during installation, but will have a look tonight.
Failing that, if/when I get time, I can remove the transducer from the wetbox and get a photo of that.