What’s Lurking at some Boat Ramps ?

We got a shock at risks that are at some ramps.
Apart from your partner, slipping over, getting wet and yelled at,
there are some places where you need to be extra careful

The L & R Boat Latch has been marketed & tested in Australia, and overseas, for over 15 years
now. It has been refined and used on a vast range of boats and survived the test of time in the
‘real’ boating world on an enormous coastline, and inland waterways.

In short it, really works ! When a Boat Latch owner stops to tell you ........
“This is the best thing for my boat I have ever bought mate” ....... you understand why sales
have continued to grow.
Now we had a call from Tom Nevins at www.cooktownbarracharters.com and in the
conversation it became evident just what a different world it is up there, when you have to
deal with neighbours like these ! …. and how an L & R Boat Latch helps reduce the risk to
one’s life and limbs. One of their neighbours is shown here ….


So we did a bit of homework, and discovered this thing called the Red Zone, and also a pile of
other horribles that could make life very difficult for you at some sites.
We made a video (below) to tune you in, as to where you need to be extra careful.
The L & R Boat latch is there to launch & retreive your boat..by yourself.
Your partner can be kept safe, dry & happy ( a marriage saver !). 
Also you can get out in your boat more often.       www.boatlatch.com

 Here is a video showing where, and what kind of things you need to be wary of.....


 and here is a general Boat Latch summary video...





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Great idea, and used a

Tue, 2020-06-02 14:37

Great idea, and used a similar style on my barcrusher but still never drove off without the safety chain fitted, could never get that nagging feeling out of my head that the catch didn't quite catch.

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Tue, 2020-06-02 15:06

Well you will find posted all over the L & R site the comments......

"NOW move the boat to the car park.The latch should be disengaged for road travel. After loading the boat, safety chains and the winch cable/strap and the tie down straps must be used to secure the boat to the trailer. Otherwise you may forget, and wind up on the road without the safety gear engaged.Note - This is required by law."

This product is not intended for road travel. The boat need to be tensioned up with the winch to stop it from shooting back and forth as you accelerate and brake. Should you have an accident you want the safety chain, as well.
We tell people to put the winch and chain on at the water's edge. This is so you don't forget when you get up to the car park, and accidentally charge off down the highway.
If you were to have an accident the winch/safety chain and tie down straps are ther to prevent your boat from becoming airborn.


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Yes... but......

Tue, 2020-06-02 15:50

 In South AUstralia, 'power retrieve' as it is called, is "discouraged" by many councils.

It can cause considerable damage to the marina floor and undermine the deep end of the ramp...................


but I have one on my boat.. 

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Cheers Review-2, no need to

Wed, 2020-06-03 13:02

Cheers Review-2, no need to be too sensitive, I thought this post was about retrieving, not driving home so I didn't think you would take the comments literally in sense of when I drive off.

As I said, I would still never retrieve my boat without putting the safety chain on once latched or even to "move the boat to the car park".

As I said it's a great feature used correctly.