What image quality should I expect?

 G'day all. I'm running a 585 with a 1kw transducer shooting through the hull of my Penguin. I'm not sure what sort of image quality I should be getting. It gives me a picture at most speeds/water conditions. I haven't got any pics to show you guys for comparison to your own units ( I'll get some next trip), however, if you've got some photos at varying speeds would you mind posting 'em? As far as I can see the wet box arrangement is pretty sound and the hull around the t'ducer is free of any turbulence causing stuff. For all I know the image I'm getting could be brilliant - just wondering. Thanks in advance, John.

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 I've got the same setup on

Sat, 2019-01-26 17:58

 I've got the same setup on my cruisecraft though mines a 587.  I'll try to put up some pics at some point.  Have you got any pics from yours?

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image 1 kw

Sat, 2019-01-26 22:36

 No issues in the shallows up to 90 meters where you will get excellent returns. The loss of quality will increase as depth increases. I had an early build penguin phantom where the hull was very thick. Julius Salvare the builder then made the hulls thinner in  the later builds. You can expect to lose at least 15% of signal strength thru the hull. Not an issue unless you want to go deep dropping to several hundred meters. The furuno is bullet proof its, a great rig. The best returns are in wet faced transducers. The 200kh signal is least effected while the 50 kh for deeper penetration is where the most noticable effect will be noticed. Sorry but i nevertookphotos of screen shots.  

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 Thanks for the replies

Mon, 2019-01-28 11:19

 Thanks for the replies gentlemen. I havent got any pics but will get some. My post was based on a bit of reflection and a red or two. I know in most of the older hulls the builders didnt skimp on materials so I'm interestered in loss of signal through the hull. Squalis, when you say wet faced t'ducer what exactly is that? Ours' is in a wet box about 600mm from the transom and about 300mm out from the centreline. At rest I think the image is pretty good. (I do realise a lot of sounder use is based on correct interpretation of what you're seeing).