Which prop

Looking into changing prop on my 2359 trophy 5.0 mpi 260 hp alpha 1 leg from 3 blade Ali 21 pitch to stainless - either 3 or 4 blade??

not fussed about max speed however looking for better fuel economy and quicker punch out of the hole up onto the plain, at the moment it is a little painful... Waiting waiting waiting........Still waiting 

if you have now or have had the same boat at some stage I'd be keen to hear your opinions


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You really need to offer a

Wed, 2012-11-28 20:26

You really need to offer a few more details;

Prop size (not just pitch)
Rev range, rev max you can get now
Max speed you're getting now (just to get an idea of what there is to trae-off)

Can't say I've ever heard of anyone getting better fuel economy by going to a 4-blade though.


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Yes - actually looking for

Wed, 2012-11-28 20:45

Yes - actually looking for previous trophy owners to speak up with what prop they ended up going with.

at the moment I get about 38 knots at 5000 rpm, I know I use alot of fuel when going from stopped to plaining speed, I think I'd save a significant amount of fuel if I could get out of the hole quicker. Also I was told 4 blade props assist considerably with fuel consumption via not having to adjust throttle when passing through a following swell..

SS has to be better than Ali straight up especially with a heavy boat I almost feel sorry for the Ali prop flexing and struggling :P haha


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Yeah there are a lot of

Thu, 2012-11-29 17:25

Yeah there are a lot of trophy owners on the board, but I don't really remember anyone else with that model other than Lamby?

I see you noted the pitch, but not the diameter?

What revs does that inboard top out at? 5k seems low, so perhaps its already overpropped?


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im under the view that a

Thu, 2012-11-29 09:07

im under the view that a 4blade prop gets you on the plane quicker but doesnt allow for as much top end..ski boats almost always have 4 blade props to pull skiiers out of the water..