Coral bay take 2

Coral bay take 2

 Weather was looking good for a quick trip to coral bay .left monday morning arrived in cb at around 3 that arvo .fishing was a little slow but still did pretty well .got a couple of new pbs with a 16 kilo ruby and a 37 kilo bass groper 

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Wed, 2017-09-13 11:11

Some good fish there. Top catch

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 wowwicked fish mangreat job

Wed, 2017-09-13 11:29


wicked fish man

great job

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 well done, gotta be stoked

Wed, 2017-09-13 16:32

 well done, gotta be stoked to get that lot with a couple of pb to go along with it. nothing about a quick trip to cb but. long way to drive but def worth it . 


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Great going there

Wed, 2017-09-13 17:04

You have certainly got to be happy with those fish and a very successful trip.
If you left early Monday morning and got there about 3pm you must have been flying, good to see you got there and back ok.

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Left at midnight

Wed, 2017-09-13 17:34

 1175 km in 13 hrs .according to the car averaged 96 km/ ph using 19 lph towing 3.2 tonne .the new colorado is even better than the last one mpre power and better fuel economy .hit one little roo just oustide of two rocks no damage other than a blown fog light lucky 

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 Great stuff, obviously doing

Wed, 2017-09-13 18:36

 Great stuff, obviously doing something right, want to share anything for us mere mortals??



Tom M

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Sand whiting are great bait

Thu, 2017-09-14 06:43

 For up north

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 Awesome stuff mate, do the

Wed, 2017-09-13 21:30

 Awesome stuff mate, do the miles get the smiles

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 Good going Neil, reward for

Thu, 2017-09-14 12:40

 Good going Neil, reward for effort there.