Double Hook-up Tuna

Double Hook-up Tuna

Only been in the water for a couple of minutes when we got this double hook up of Bluefin Tuna

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decent size ones too. well

Mon, 2010-05-03 21:30

decent size ones too. well done . you would have had some fun trying to get them in the boat at the same time


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Yeah.....had us doing loops

Mon, 2010-05-03 21:42

Yeah.....had us doing loops of the boat....handing rods over the top of each other Laughing

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Well Done

Tue, 2010-05-04 07:12

I can imagine the running around/swearing outload. Would have been fun to be a part of.


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There a handful on a double hookup with a teaser in the water

Tue, 2010-05-04 09:00

We had the same drama on our last trolling effort


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Wed, 2010-05-05 19:26

double hookups while trolling are great fun especially when there are only two of you on the boat and you have three lures out and a teaser.  Then you both get the fish to the boat at the sane time and then try and work out whos going to gaff theres first etc..