Gem wreck sambo

Gem wreck sambo

 Hi all took a cruise out to Gemini wreck today for a jig sesh but could not get the sambos to slam one down ,plenty of fish on the wreck so drifted a live squid down and whack massive first coupla runs but pulled him up after bout 10min really impressed with my new set up talica 12 2 speed huge stopping power and very smooth reel , after catchin one must of spooked them and they vanished  so ended up with 18kg sambo realeased and some really good squid one weighed in at 1.25 kg which covered me the boat and me mate in ink , spot on day on the blue 

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nice mate, a few getting

Sat, 2012-10-20 21:46

nice mate, a few getting caught up your way and the ave size seems to be bigger.