PB from the shore - 80cm Dhuy

PB from the shore - 80cm Dhuy

 Beach fishing, Gero.

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 Fark yer thats ausome yet to

Thu, 2018-06-14 12:34

 Fark yer thats ausome yet to crack a shore based one spose it doesn't help when you dont go enough out of curiosity was it more gero way or s-bend way

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 Thats a cracker where ever

Thu, 2018-06-14 13:14

 Thats a cracker where ever it was caught!


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bet it was Flatrocks...

Thu, 2018-06-14 14:16


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 awesome stuff. def a prized

Thu, 2018-06-14 17:15

 awesome stuff. def a prized fish from the sand


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Sun, 2018-06-17 08:08

Well done mate, cant beat landbased dhuies. what bait did he take?