PB Upgrade for the Boy

PB Upgrade for the Boy

 My son upgraded his Dhuie PB to 16kg. Fishing out of Jurien at a spot I've pulled a few off before at this time of year. 

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 Great fish and pic, well

Wed, 2023-12-27 08:53

 Great fish and pic, well done!


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Gotta be happy

Wed, 2023-12-27 09:01

 With that


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Bet that took some work, well

Wed, 2023-12-27 09:23

Bet that took some work, well done to the young lad.

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Well done. No easy feat for

Wed, 2023-12-27 10:14

Well done. No easy feat for anyone when they get that size. Going to be hard to beat that pb


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Unreal ..

Wed, 2023-12-27 11:18

Top effort there for the young

fella !! Cheers pirate 

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 Funny how they hold the

Wed, 2023-12-27 17:37

 Funny how they hold the small ones out at arms length to make them look bigger. When they get a proper big one, they struggle to even lift them.

He also got his PB snapper on the same day the lucky bugger.