Sean's Cod on popper

Sean's Cod on popper


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Nice plump COD!!

Sat, 2007-06-30 10:28

Thats a really nice cod!! Is that taken on the new HALCO HAYMAKER or ROOSTA POPPER? But that is a nice cod... I wonder of there is a larger cod lurking around?

Cheers.. Jangles

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Sat, 2007-06-30 10:37

I was under the impression that the big ones were not worth eating cos of worms and stuff?
Did you keep him?

(Sex is great, but fishing lasts all day!)



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Nice fish, wouldn't have

Sat, 2007-06-30 10:38

Nice fish, wouldn't have thought that it would go for a popper.

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Even big cod love poppers

Sat, 2007-06-30 10:53

Even big cod love poppers :)

Jay Burgess

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that'd be a haymaker on the

Sat, 2007-06-30 13:57

that'd be a haymaker on the sand behind him

Tackle Dangler

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Great fish! All these big

Sat, 2007-06-30 14:32

Great fish! All these big fish pics getting me amped!

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 didn't know they took

Thu, 2015-02-19 16:43

 didn't know they took poppers


 i need cheaper hobbies