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Boyinaboat Reef

Fri, 2008-02-08 09:26

Dive trail....cast at it from the rocks if you can....totally off limits to boats

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Me and Scano got a balloon

Fri, 2008-02-08 09:37

Me and Scano got a balloon out there once but no luck :(


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This is my first post on

Fri, 2008-02-08 12:00

This is my first post on here, g'day everyone.

Just daydreaming after reading this, With tonight's easterlies i wonder if you could fly a kite out there maybe by attaching a snap to your mainline. Once it's out there just flip the bailarm open and hopefully the bait would drop??? Haha would be funny though if you did catch something and the kite pulled it out of the water while you were hoisting it in ...gives new meaning to landing a fish! 

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Welcome Vans!

Fri, 2008-02-08 12:25

Cool Avatar mate!!!
I'd love to see a kite rig in action. Take some pics or vid if you do it and we'll post them up on the site.


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