Flying Fisherman Photo of November 2011 Winner - Lucky Tim's Coral Trout

Please vote for who you think is a worthy winner of the Flying Fisherman Photo of November competition. The winner will get to choose $150 worth of sunnies from the website. Please check out the stories that go with the catches as well and vote for who you like.  Please remember if you think you have a worthy photo for the photo of the month, you MUST add it to the site as an individual image and not only in the forums as it is too difficult for me to go through all the forum threads. Notable mentions for November go to Kris's Tailor. If you have any questions regarding the competition, then please PM me; I have chosen the 6 fish photos that I think best represent what gets caught and posted on the site, apologies for the delay in getting it up, been flat out lately. If you don't like an entry, then don't vote for it.  Cheers, Adam

Reminder - NO Commercial Buy/Selling on Fishwrecked

Hi Gang,

Just a reminder that the Fishwrecked buy/sell forum is for you members to offload your old and unused gear, it is not for online trading for personal gain or profiteering.  Any posting deemed commercial (from a non site sponsor) will be removed

Posts in the buy/sale section will now only stay there for 3 months and we will be removing old content (slowly).

Please support the sponsors that support this site.



'Bagging and Slagging' Fishing Charters

Hi Crew,

It seems lately that a few people may have had some bad experiences with fishing charters up and down the coast.  Whilst I appreciate you guys putting up your reports here, which is fine for you to do, how about you contact the operator and let them know that you weren't happy and see what they are willing to do about it.  Many people have high expectations (and differing expectations) when it comes to these sorts of things.  Try and put yourselves in their shoes, if the fish aren't biting, then there's not much you can do about it all you can do is try your best.  Just try and think about it from their perspective before going all keyboard warrior styles and ripping into their business and doing untold damage just because you got the bad day.  Everyone's heard the story, you shoulda been here yesterday!!

This thread only serves as notice that I will be monitoring this stuff closely from now on as; a) because I don't want defamation suits or the threats that go with, b) because these guys try bloody hard to get you fish and it's not always easy, c) because you wouldn't like it if it was your business being dragged through the mud.  So rather than jumping on the net and going to town, try ring the guys first and see what outcome you get and then if you aren't happy, have a good hard think before posting and try and keep it objective and tell your story and we will go from there.



Chillin With Tigers - New FW Video

Probably my most memorable experience in Exmouth to date. Unfortunately the vid quality just doesn't show it as it was, but will hopefully give you an idea. Hope you enjoy.

If you don't want to download the video, you can watch it on youtube here:

How much do you spend on fishing equipment per year?

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40% (221 votes)
24% (132 votes)
3% (19 votes)
$10000 +
4% (21 votes)
Total votes: 547

Fishwrecked Shirts - $40



Original Shirts - $40 + postage
I have some more of the original fishwrecked shirts available in XL, XXL, and mediums (still have other sizes) but will also be getting a tanktop magazine to check through. I have a design in mind and will try and take some photos of them before they get to the next stage to try and make sure everyone's happy. I am also picking up a new batch of holographic fishwrecked stickers. If you want one, please don't hesitate to message or email me.

Samson fish Jigging Video - 'Honsu Hookups'

Sambo Jigging footage from Honsu. Just a small video of some of the footage he has given me from an awesome day on the water. The music is pretty old school, but I think it works :)

Download "'Honsu Hookups'" (19.0 meg, wmv, 2:41)