11ft penn slammer with penn 760ss reel combo, Mono or Braid?

hey all,


Im probably a less than average fisho , still learning the ways here....

I only have 2 sets of rods, a small light/flicky 7ft outfit which i get on with fine and my 11ft penn slammer combo /760ss reel which i got at a good price from ranger last year. I bought this rod as  more of a general purpose rod, eg, surf fishing with sinkers/ lures etc. the bloke said this would be sufficient enough even when hooking a big fish....?

The problem i have is he put 30lb braid on, and to be honest i've never got along with it, maybe it was a cheap / crap one, (not sure what make it was) still cost me 80 bucks tho. Its the 1st time i ve used braid as always used mono before, the braid to mono knots frustrate me, some are ok some not.

Basically i prefer mono, but what i want to know, would i be making a mistake if i put mono on this reel?

Is this reel meant to be used with braid only? I dont really target specific fish, and i know I should really, but sometimes i just use ganged hooks with a mulie with a star sinker, other times a big tailor head, and then sometimes throw some lures with it.

Im no pro so i cant cast a mile etc,but will it effect its performance? i just want to spend more time in the water rather  than tying bloody knots ha.

Also i dont get out as regularly as id like to so when i do, i want to hopefully have a good sucessful session, with out the braid knot slipping or braid breaking when i hit a snag or reef/rock.

Would it be worth buying a spare spool? and running 1 braid, 1 mono? whatever happens i'll be changint the braid i've currently got spooled at the moment.

If so any recommendations on good priced mono or braid that wont break the bank will be much appreciated.


I will be looking at buying another combo later on , a light 1 for tailor /salmon etc, but when funds permit.


Any help much appreciated.


Tony T

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 If its only cuz of the knots

Fri, 2011-03-11 09:52

 If its only cuz of the knots maybe just one evening when its too windy to fish grab a beer, a knot book n go practice. But I reckon if you have given it a fair crack and still dont like braid, go back to mono. Some benefits to mono in the surf as well. It will hurt your casting distance though especially with the lighter weights and lures.

Platypus low stretch is a popular good quality mono for surf fishing

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Too be honest, i probably

Fri, 2011-03-11 10:03

Too be honest, i probably havent given it a fair enough crack, but self teaching isnt always the best tho. like i said sometimes i think i got it right, and i have and then the next stime it will slip, arghhhhhhhhh.

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 If you are chucking big

Fri, 2011-03-11 10:08


If you are chucking big tailor heads I'm guessing you are hoping for a large fish with sharp teeth in which case the line capacity that braid gives you may well be needed. If you are going to get a lighter set up for tailor, salmon etc then perhaps keep the 750 as the big gun.


 You could spool up the 750 with your new braid but topshot 100m of mono onto it. Then you only have to tie one braid-mono knot. Nice and easy for tying up rigs etc and easy to replace just the mono when it gets too short/tired. Depends what you're fishing for and the style of fishing. If you do a lot of ballooning or float rigs then braid doesn't sink and will behave much better for it. For chucking out sinking rigs, I much prefer mono as it seems to be much less hassle and I don't torture myself about the price if I have to cut it.  

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Cheers for that,I really

Fri, 2011-03-11 10:28

Cheers for that,

I really think i have to get another smaller outfitfor tailor/salmon etc, as that will definately help me keep the slammer for the bigger fish, i really need to start trying to target a specific fish, at the moment i just go and try n assess the conditons when im there, n throw out what i feel like, sometimes hooking up, but never landing.

I like the topshot idea, what you reckon 30lb braid with 60 lb mono or 30/30?



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30/30 or even 40lb braid 30lb

Fri, 2011-03-11 10:35

30/30 or even 40lb braid 30lb mono, that way your weekest point should be your connection to steel trace or heavy leader rather than at your braid to mono connection

EDIT: actually maybe even 50lb whiplash for backing. good thin braid that works great for backing, then 30lb mono....

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Would definitely go

Fri, 2011-03-11 10:48

Would definitely go 20-30braid/30mono way.

I think that 60lbs mono would be way too big. It would seriously reduce casting distance and it would fill up the spool in no time at all.  Even with 60mono you would still need to tie a trace leader for sharks so you're not gaining anything by going so big. If do you get busted off by a big un it will most likely be the mono or the knot that goes so you can preserve your xxy braid.

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I would say make sure the

Fri, 2011-03-11 11:25

I would say make sure the braid is at least as strong if not stronger than the mono.... Wont be casting the braid so can get some ultra thin stuff as well

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cheers lads., just also do

Fri, 2011-03-11 10:55

cheers lads., just also do you think the combo i have would be sufficent to land say a 10 kg fish? it should be eh?

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 Don't fluff the knot LOL .

Fri, 2011-03-11 10:56


Don't fluff the knot LOL . If a fish takes 100m of line off of you and gets away when it reaches the braid.... 

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hahA Im sure i will at least

Fri, 2011-03-11 10:59

hahA Im sure i will at least once, its bound to happen , just my luck ha.

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Braid or mono...

Fri, 2011-03-11 11:19

The outfit you have will handle both braid or mono. If you're not confident with braid, then stick with mono. As mentioned above by other members, if its knot tying issues, then practice more often.

You also dont need to do any special knots for joining braid to mono. Easiest joining knot to do is "double uni". Do more wraps of braid (6-8 wraps) when tie with braid. Also you can also tie the leader short, so you're not casting with the knot going through your guides.

Since you have braid already, persists with it and practice your knots.

If you still have problems, keep asking questions or drop us a PM and we'll help you out.


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cheers for that, ive not

Fri, 2011-03-11 11:24

cheers for that, ive not tried the double uni before , so will give it a bash, always try to use the albright..... with limited sucess