17 Hornet

 Fellas I'm thinking about buying one of the newish 17 Hornets... I used to use one as a youngster and was probably the most fun rifle I've ever shot ( necked down 22 hornet back in the day )...


My question is, well firstly does anyone have one??


Secondly, what power optics are guys running....


I'm pretty sure the 17 Rem and 17 Hornet we used to use both had 8 x 56 khales on em...


I'll be doing a fair bit of hunting at at night under a light or in low light conditions...


Anyone got a ripper scope they can recommend without having to mortgage the house??

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17 hornet comparison

Tue, 2020-08-04 05:18

here is a good vid on the difference between the 22 hornet and the 17 . My opinion if I was to add to my collection would be a 223



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 I've never been a fan of the

Tue, 2020-08-04 07:41

 I've never been a fan of the slow 22 Hornet, range is limited.

The 17 Hornet is awsome to 200+...

223 is a good round but I've already got a 22cal centrefire.

CZ 527 17 Laminated thumbhole Varmint incoming.

Just need to work out Optics.

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 the 17s dont like wind

Tue, 2020-08-04 11:37

 the 17s dont like wind much

good for varmint up to fox - not very ethical for bigger - wallabies , roos etc.

yes all about bullet placement - but its when u off 1.5 inches due to a windgust -theres is very lil wound channel to put stuff down

cheap and fun to shoot- but u need to keep the barrel clean - when we tried them benchresting - u would have to clean barrels every 10 shots due to fouling - that had a serious impact on groups 

would blow up from under .4MOA  for 10 shotsto 1.5 MOA after 15-19  shots -at 25 and after u d be into 3-4MOA

we put it down to the diameter of the barrel its s osmall even the smallest amount of fouling causes serious accuracy issues


as i often used mine in scrub - i ran a  3-9 x 40 

was good for rabbits out to about 250m - more if wind was steady, u dont eat the rabbit if u hit bone though

barrel lasted under 1000 rounds  which is not a lot benchresting - but quite few for in the bush

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Shark 1

Fri, 2020-08-07 10:12

 It is a long time since i have heard someone know what they were talking about regarding benchrest.

I had 2 x 6MM PPC's in light and heavy varmint. Rem 700 actions sleeved by John Giles of PSECO in Brisbane. Used to love trying to shoot small groups. Unfortunately sold the lot about 11 years ago. I had 36 power leopolds. God knows what they are worth these days. I paid $300 each for mine. 

Living in WA in an area that doesn't even have a range has turned me into a fisherman. 

Is there any competitive benchrest shooting still in WA ? I used to get Australian shooting Journal, not even sure that still exists.

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 Hey Shark, Are you talking

Tue, 2020-08-04 15:58

 Hey Shark,


Are you talking the Rem or the Hornet?


The Rem is doing 4000+ fps, the Hornet is much slower at around 3400 so Barrel life is pretty good...


I agree its wind affected but i'm not concerned as you just have to understand its capabilities...


Also agree with looking after the barrel...


I want a larger objective lens than 40mm, i'll be either running 50mm or if the mounts and cheek weld allow perhaps even 56mm...

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 hornet remington burns

Tue, 2020-08-04 16:14


remington burns barrels better than an oxy torch ;p

maximum accuracy for benchrest -1000 rounds max /barrel for hornet -even less - remember we talking opening up from .3 to .5 moa - throw the barrel

would still be well within .5 moroo

i m a dealer btw if u need something

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 Handy to know thanks mate

Tue, 2020-08-04 20:42

 Handy to know thanks mate

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I run a swaro 4-12x50 on my

Tue, 2020-08-04 21:28

I run a swaro 4-12x50 on my rig- Brilliant optics under lights and the 12 power is plenty for furhter shots and the 4 power is handy for when things are bit closer.  If fixex 8 power is what your chasing the Schmidt and Bender seem to get an awesome raps- I think Magnum sports in Syd have them on special. 

meopta also are worth a look at sub 1k.


To throw a spanner in the works have you looked at the 204 Ruger? Probably get more options interms of rifles too. 




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I thought 23 cal killed off the 17

Wed, 2020-08-05 01:13

Never owned a 23 cal but did have a 17/222 on a martini action for a while. 17 cal should be restricted to 150 - 200 on bunnies as terminal ballistics lacking IMO on anything larger and projectiles limited in selection and weight. IMO anything stronger than an 8X showed up shakes in the field and limited their use to benches.
mind you I'm talking 50 + years ago

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Not much shooting off the

Thu, 2020-08-06 03:42

Not much shooting off the shoulder nowadays Meg... Bi-pods are very good 

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.22 hornet

Thu, 2020-08-06 22:32

 with lil'gun powder will push a 35g vmax at 3300fps K it and you will get 3500 fps but only with lil'gun. 17 hornet is good with the same tragectory as a .223 but with a 20g pill they are limited to rabbits foxes or 150m roo shots with well placed shots. Yep they will go further but it starts to be inhumane on animals. At range they hate any wind as do most smaller cals.
At least with a CZ hornet you get a option to shoot a 45g prody..you do need strong cases as they are hard on weak brass and as above with lil'gun powder they are capable. Because of this recently discoverd powder i would lean towards the K hornet because they are more versatle. You could even put down a medium type pig with a harder bullet and well placed shot something a 17 couldnt do.

Scopes i would be looking at something like a min of 6.5 to 20x50 Leupold. If you want to shoot out there at small targets you will want magnification. Dont cheapskate on scopes as quality comes with $$. Hope this helps Tim but its JMO. Cheers

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 Thanks Out wide, Interesting

Fri, 2020-08-07 05:38

 Thanks Out wide,


Interesting what you say about the new recent powder pushing the 22 hornet much quicker.


I would imagine that would improve that cartrige greatly, I've never been a fan of the slow rounds like 22 hornet, 222, 30/30 etc...


I could never see the point when you could get something similar but MUCH flatter shooting but I also understand other factors then come into play...


I will only be using the 17 on rabbits, foxes, hopefully lots of cats and the odd cull roo shoot ( head shots )...


I like the idea of having a zero recoil flat shooting little accurate rifle I can give my two young fellas a play with once they move on from the air rifle and 22....

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Me old boy's using the 17HMR

Fri, 2020-08-07 12:34

Me old boy's using the 17HMR with Leupold 12x40

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 The HMR would be a fun

Sun, 2020-08-09 18:45

 The HMR would be a fun little rimfire but the Hornet steps up signifigantly Brocko...


A fox at 200m on a light wind night stands zero chance...

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 17 hornet is a great

Sun, 2020-08-09 19:46

 17 hornet is a great cal.Best to reload yourself otherwise its not cheap/hard to find.If your serious about fox busting thermal/night vision scopes are game changing. 

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Sun, 2020-08-09 20:07

One I would listen 2 . Prob shot more rounds than we have shot poos.( all put together) .