1st Multiplier reel line advice

Can someone please give me a pointer here, I will be fishing the beaches around Perth. I have just bought my 1st multiplier reel and I need to know whats the best line to put on.

I have some cheep 20lb braid, some cheep 12,15 & 20lb mono. I thought id use the cheepo stuff before spending more on better line as I do expect a few birds nests.

The reel is a Diawa 7HT millionaire, I havnt bought a rod to go with it yet but I was looking at some 19ft Shakespear rods on Ebay for £45 (Im still in the Uk until mids July).

So what line & rods would you recomend, do I need to go as large as a 19ft or is that overkill.




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Line Advice

Thu, 2013-05-30 07:26

Hey mate!

Wasn't totally sure what you were talking about until I Googled the reel you mentioned.

I take it that this set-up will be for shore-based shark fishing?

I don't have a heap of knowledge on shore-based shark fishing, but would imagine a rod to match the reel mentioned would be around the 12-15ft mark perhaps.

As far as your question goes for what line.  I would be thinking nothing less than 50lb braid as a backing with top shot of similar or heavier mono and a heavier again leader.

All your other Perth Land Based stuff can be done with lighter spin options.


Hope that helps.





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 There are a ton of options

Thu, 2013-05-30 07:56

 There are a ton of options there in the uk which arent available here for rods. Id be starting with a rod about 13ft in length. 19ft is too long and would be hard to learn with. Ive cast multipliers most of my life and 13 ft ive found is the most forgiving. Id be starting with mono for sure 20-30lb is great for starting. Learn how to tie a double and get some wind on leaders to minimise knots. I was looking at getting a shimano beastmaster imported from the uk as they arent available here but i think they were a little more than the shakespear.

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Thu, 2013-05-30 08:08

I'd go for the mono as well until you learn to cast with it.
You are going to get over runs and using braid means that what ever is on the end of the line is going to keep on going, better known as a rifle shot.
Using mono gives you enough stretch in the line to compensate for the sudden stop and is easier to untangle.

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Thu, 2013-05-30 09:55

Millionaires are the same size as my Abu 6500 and will do you for chucking lures or some light fishing , they are not big enough for SHARKS OFF THE BEACH, at most it will hold about 280 mtrs of 15 lb , my last shark took 300 mtrs on its first run.
I learned to cast using this size reel , I now fish with Trinidad 30 and Fin-Nor 30 ohc off the beach with 13 & 15 ft rods ,12-13 ft rods are better to start off with I use a Talica 25 for Ballooning with an 8ft rod.


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I have previously moved to

Fri, 2013-05-31 12:23

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 Thank you for the replies, I

Sun, 2013-06-02 20:27

 Thank you for the replies, I do not intend to be targeting shark with this outfit in particular, just a bit of general beach fishing. I already have a 13ft with a egg beater reel on 20lb mono with a 60lb shock leader. I want to get into the multipler reels for distance when Ive learned myslef to cast with it.

I am going to stick with mono for now as the braid causes me problems on a spinning set up I have, maybe in time ill move onto braid for my beach set up.

The Ron Thomson rod looks good, I am tempted to order it.



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What's a multiplier

Mon, 2013-06-03 23:37

 What's a multiplier reel is that just a baitcaster?

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 Yes it must be.

Tue, 2013-06-04 10:00

 Yes it must be.



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 no its an overhead reel,

Wed, 2013-06-12 02:34

 no its an overhead reel, dssigned for long  distance casting, using magnets for breaks as well as centrifugal blocks, back to the original post never use braid with a multiplier unless you only using it on a boat, but a Daiwia 7 ht would be wasted on a boat, braid willcut you fingers to ribbons,  they aren't designed for braid. When buying a rod makecsure its rung for a multiplier,  the best are zziplex, centuary , conoflex, penn and daiwa supercast or tournament,  13 ft is the average length, personally I found my overhead/multiplier a bit over kill for Aussie surf beaches, as you don't need to cast big distances like you do in the UK

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Millionaire shark?

Wed, 2013-06-12 12:09

 Hey mate as far as lines definately go mono for a start, and as far as casting dont go cheap on the line neccesarily what you want to do with multipliers is always be casting with good limp mono thats quite soft like Sufix Seige and use a braid backing. I use a Fin Nor offshore overhead for surfcasting for sharks and jewies and honestly you need good line and loads of capacity for that type of fishing. Personally i dont think a millionaire is a good choice for shore based fishing at all as they are tournament casting reels not really fishing reels, you will struggle to get the line capacity you need for bigger fish. On the rod 14 ft is a good length for casting i find but whats most important is that you get your casting style as smooth as possible. Check out John Holdens casting dvd/cd, its absolutely gold. His youtube vids will gove you a good idea aswell. Back to line, with a multiplier you need the line coming off the reel easily and smoothly so the line choice needs to have as little memory as possible. Shop by diameter not by breaking strain as that is what affects your distance and your cast. About 0.46 is about as thin as you want to go and you want to have about 200 meters of it on your spool to cast and then have as much 40lb or so braid underneath it as the reel will allow. You will be best off buying a big 1200meter spool of good limp soft mono and spooling up again every so often when you trash the line. Sufix seige and berkley big ge are two nice lines for actualy fishing AND casting as tournament line is not ideal for actualy catching fish. 

Hope that helps!! 



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