300m pe4 vs 250 pe5

afternoon fellas.

got myself a saltiga 4500 and was thinking of spooling it up with either 300m of 40lb braid or 250m of 50lb..not sure on what to do.

im planning on taking it out on a few charters chasing sambos so i dont want to spend a lot of money on varivas or anything like that as it might get tangled and i could loose a lot of line. so question is, should i go for more line capacity/less strength  or go for slightly less line capacity/more strength? i have no clue on how long these big sambos run as ive never done it before so some help will be great.



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Go the heaviest you can go

Sun, 2010-10-31 13:50

Go the heaviest you can go with reasonable line cap, especially for charter work!


Also depends on the rod, but would be going 250 of 5




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Yer i think it depends on

Sun, 2010-10-31 14:37

Yer i think it depends on your rod. Not much point going 50 lb on a 40 lb rod. there are some good class pe4 (60lb) braids out there but they are more expensive, and as you said. not much point spending too much for charter work.

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Sun, 2010-10-31 22:40

go the 5 for sure mate and esp on the charter work cos they prefer ppl using 80lb stuff. A good brand of line that i use on a catalina 4500 is black magic rainbow braid very impressed. Extremely similiar to the YGK Jigman, in fact you could say it looks like it comes out of the same factory! (-;