40HP YAmha vs MErcury 4 stroke

Looking at getting a 420 Rengade Tiller steer from quintrex.


The two dealers in Perth will sell me either Mercury or Yamaha 40HP four strokes.


Any feedback on either of them??



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Nice one mate!

Thu, 2015-01-22 10:47

I'd lean towards the yammy only because I've always owned one and never had any dramas. Saying that, both are reputable brands so you can't go wrong IMO. I've been looking at the Renegades and also the Stacer Outlaw. Nice little tinnies but I reckon the side console 449 - 469 is the winner! All the best!

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Was the

Thu, 2015-01-22 12:27

Was the yammy 4 stroke?

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Nah, 2 Stroke

Thu, 2015-01-22 13:56

Mines a 2 Stroke, but all the 4 strokes I've experienced have been sweet motors.

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Hi Spothound,I purchased a

Thu, 2015-01-22 13:39

Hi Spothound,

I purchased a Stacer 4.29 tiller steer a few months back with a 50hp Mercury 4 stroke. I'd always previously been a Yamaha fan and would have preferred one but a package to suit wasn't available at the time. The Mercury seems fine and if you do a search on the net for opinions, there doesn't seem to be too much bad press out there on the latest ones. On average I suspect the majority would lean toward the Yamaha if they had the choice but as Wazza says, they are both reputable brands. 

 Other things that may influence your choice... I'm sure a 40hp will push the boat along just fine but if you often take along a bit of gear and a few mates, you might want to consider going up to a 50hp. The Outlaw and Renegade are very similar in specs and I think both can take a max 50hp. I'm based in Kalbarri and it's not too often that I'm going to using all 50hp but I figure that's good for the motor and if I'm loaded down with people and need to move in a hurry around the river mouth I've got the power to do it.

At the same time, I'd say my Outlaw is a bit back heavy with just me in the boat, so it's worth looking at motor weights. It's no major issue for me and I have an underfloor fuel tank but if you don't and are thinking about storing your fuel in the back of the boat, the actual weight of the motor might be an issue to consider. I think the Yamaha and Mercury are pretty similar in weight but Hondas are quite a bit lighter and from what I know (which isn't much) also have a good reputation.

The other thing to consider is the tiller handle on your motor. Compare their length and the features on each. I didn't consider it when I bought the boat but as it turns out, I often prefer operating the motor in a standing position for better visibility. The Mercury had a big tiller option for a few hundred more, which I'm now thinking about converting to in the future. I'm not sure how other motors compare in this respect but my suggestion would be to look at the different options available and to go and stand/sit in the boat with the different motors on the back and see how each feels.

As I've stated, I'm no expert but thought you might be interested in some observations from someone who has recently been down similar roads to yourself with regard to boats and motors.







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Nothing to worry about

Thu, 2015-01-22 14:06

But you may find the yammy to be quieter.

This is certainly the case in the 60hp's.

I have been told by my boat mech that the 60's use the same power head with a different leg. Would love to know if true and how many other brands share bits.


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